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Virginia Tech Center for Quantum Information Science and Engineering


The overarching goal of Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE) is to understand how quantum physics can be exploited to develop new technologies that far surpass the capabilities of existing ones based on classical physics. Over the past few decades, it was discovered that quantum physics has the potential to revolutionize information security and sensor technology, in addition to enabling quantum computers, devices that could be capable of solving a number of outstanding problems in physics, chemistry, and beyond that are intractable with even the most powerful supercomputers.

Recent years have witnessed tremendous advances in a number of quantum information systems, and these in turn have spurred enormous efforts around the world to bring these quantum information technologies to fruition.

The goal of VTQ is to contribute to this effort along several research and workforce development fronts by bringing together researchers from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines across science and engineering, including Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science, Mathematics, and Physics.